Quick Samsung Galaxy S2 Power saving tips

We got our Samsung Galaxy S2’s this past week and all I can say is that this phone is amazing.  It beats my old iPhone by a long shot, however many people have complained that the battery life is not the best.  This is not entirely inaccurate. 

The first day we had this phone we ran through the battery very quickly, in only a few hours we where charging it.  In fact even while charging the battery meter was still going down.  The basic reason for this problem is that the phone is just too powerful for the battery, you can do so much with it that if you don’t tell it to stop doing certain functions it will suck your battery dry.

Some of the big power drainers are GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and of course your screen.  Turning this off while not using them can save you a ton, luckily there is a widget that will do this very quickly for you.  The  Power Savings gives you one touch on and off for all these and lets you adjust your screen time out quickly.

If you don’t have Bluetooth, turn it off.  If you don’t plan on getting lost, turn off GPS.  If you are out of WiFi range Turn it off.  It is that simple.  While enabled the phone is actively searching for devices to connect too and that drains battery.  JUST DO NOT FORGET TO TURN WiFi BACK ON WHEN IN RANGE.   If you do your cell data plan may get used up quickly.

Another handy widget is Program Monitor.  This widget gives you a list of programs actively running.  Many programs do not close out when you back out or hit the home key and can drain your battery depending on the type of program it is.  Checking this widget after your session to close unwanted programs can also save you a lot of battery time.

One last quick tip, Do not use a Live Wallpaper and try to use a Dark one as well.  Dark wallpapers do not use as much power when the screen is lit.