Star Wars The Old Republic – Beta Weekend – Hutt Ball PVP

One of my favorite things in The Old Republic Betas is the PVP Warzones.  There are a few reasons for this.

First, running around doing missions gets boring after about 12 – 15 levels and you just need a break.  PVP can be a nice little distraction from go here kill this many, or go here talk to this guy wait for the super long (but nicely done) conversation scene.

Second, the experience for doing Warzones is excellent in beta.  I can only assume that the experience granted was increased in beta so players can experience more content but even at half the xp it is still pretty good.  In the first weekend test I gained quite a few levels from PVP alone.

Third, PVP rewards are pretty good though a bit random.  In test there was a vendor at the beginning of every match that you could but a mystery box.  This box always contained some PVP stims ( for WoW players, heal pots and damage buffs) and a random item close to your level.  After every winning match I was able to get at least one of these boxes.  When live hits you may not want to spend all your points on these boxes as higher level and quality boxes have greater cost.  Once you get near the point cap though spend some so you are not wasting points. (on test the cap was 1000).

Lastly is Hutt Ball.  Think of it as something like soccer (foot ball for our non-American friends) or hockey.   Two teams get the ball and they try to get it accross the other teams goal line.  An important skill to learn in Hutt Ball is the pass.   Instead of targeting a player and hitting an ability the pass action gives you an area target and you have to click on an area where a friendly player is.  Beware though the other team can intercept.  If you should pass it to an area where no one is it will be put back to the center where anyone can grab it.

Below is a video of my level 12 trooper playing Hutt Ball.