Adobe After Effects CS 5 with Multicore CPU Rendering

Adobe After Effects is one of the more popular video editing software packages available.  There are plenty of cheap or free options but Adobe offers a complete package.

One of the minor drawbacks is how it handles multiple core systems out of the box.  It appears on initial install it will only use one of the available cores on your system and if you have say 6 cores like me, it seems like a waste.  Luckly it is easy to fix but most people seem to over look it.

To change this open up Adobe After Effects and go to Edit and then Preferences.  In the drop down menu near the bottom you will see a section for Memory & Multiprocessing, click on that.

In the following window it will give you how much Ram you have and give you a slider to change how much to keep for your other running applications.  If you are like me and have many things going on at once you may want to reserve around 25% for your other tasks.  For me I currently have 8GB of ram and reserving 1.5GB is more than enough.

Under After Effects Multiprocessing check the box that says ‘Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously’.  This will allow you to utilize your extra cores.  For most people simply checking the box is more than enough.  It will tell you how many you have available and give you another slide box to reserve a core for your other applications.  I just leave this one alone.

You also have an option to tell how much RAM to use per core.  Again I leave this at 1GB, you can set it higher or lower depending on how much RAM you have in your computer.

The details button on the bottom will tell you what After Effects is currently using.

Making this small changed has really boosted my rendering time.  A video that took 5 minutes before now takes less than two.

I hope this helps some of you aspiring After Effects Pros out there.