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Joe @ 1:03 pm

Password Protecting your website with .htaccess and .htpasswd

If you are running your own website sometimes you may find it necessary to password protect a portion of your website to have an extra layer of security. Maybe you have some downloads you do not want the general public to get to. Maybe you just have some pages you would like to keep fairly private. If you are using Linux and Apache this is can be done pretty easy using .htaccess and .htpasswd. Continue Reading »

Star Wars The Old Republic Weekend Test Impressions

Like many I have been waiting years to test Star Wars The Old Republic, when I got my weekend invite I jumped on it.  If you didn’t get an invite to test and you where signed up through Bioware’s testing program, don’t worry you’ll get another chance to try it before release.  Bioware has sent out invites to everyone who was signed up before 11/11/11 to the final weekend test!  If you where apart of it you should have received an email already. Continue Reading »